Veterans for Trump, Ugh!

The photo below was lifted from It pictures

Jerry DeLemus … the co-chair of “Veterans for Trump.” … He’s married to New Hampshire state representative Susan DeLemus. At his first court appearance … (for participation in so-called standoff raids, including the Cliven Bundy debacle), his fellow faketriots flooded the courtroom:

Jerry Delemus doing an interview with Stewart Rhodes at the Bundy Ranch standoff

The crowd sang “God Bless America” … as DeLemus was led out of the courtroom. Supporters held hands and joined in prayer just … before declaring “Tyranny has come to New Hampshire” and “This is not my America.”

I don’t know his military experience, but I do not notice a combat unit patch on his right soldier. Playing soldier is one thing. Being a soldier is another.

DeLemus is one of these nut jobs that perpetuate the (minor) myth that veterans are, by virtue of service to their country, crazy. And why do he and groups like his cling to “God Bless America” as their anthem? With well over 300,000,000 citizens, what part of America are they singing about?

I will gladly join them in one claim. This is not my America.

And they always seem to be joining hands in prayer. I wonder if they pray the way the ancients did that “my god will be stronger than your god.” The Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam trace their origins to the same deity. What’s all the fighting and hatred about, then? Even within three major isms there are many splits. Christians: Roman Catholics, Protestants, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc. Jews: Hasidim, Ashkanazi, Orthodox, Reformed, etc. Islam: Shia, Sunni.

If there is a good and loving god, all this must be confusing, even to him/her. Before what was expected to be a major conflict in Vietnam, I remember a Catholic chaplain offering Mass in the field. Not everyone who attended was Catholic, by the way. Hey, I’m sure the impromptu congregation thought, “It couldn’t hurt.”

And then their was the non-denominational service for the dead afterward. No one questioned anyone else’s motives for being there. In the end dead is dead, prayer is prayer, and God is God.

Pseudo-soldiers dishonor those who have served, those who now serve, and those who will surely serve in the future. Wannabes disgust me.


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  1. It always amazes me how people feel they can join any group, especially when they don’t have the credentials. Everyone has the right to free speech, they don’t need to pretend.

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