8-2: Speeches

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

Polls on Convention Speeches

Polls are polls and can certainly be refuted. Statistics can be twisted into any desired configuration desired. Most important for me is my own instinct; I do not want to place my vote for president based solely on a candidate’s speaking ability, and definitely not on one speech. But speeches often do matter.

What struck me about the respective convention speeches over the past two weeks was that they seemed to summarize their respective quadrennial gatherings. For me, the GOP rhetoric in Cleveland was simply negative about everything. The very motto “Make America Great Again” implies that we live in a morass. “Stronger Together,” the Dem’s choice of rallying cry, works a whole lot better for me. It acknowledges that we are not perfect, while urging us to do better, to build “a more perfect union,” if you will.

Trump According to Gallup

… Trump’s speech got the least positive reviews of any speech we (Gallup) have tested after the fact: 35% of Americans interviewed … said it was excellent or good. Of the nine previous speeches we have rated, the top one was Barack Obama’s in August 2008, which 58% of Americans rated as excellent or good.

Clinton According to CNN

Here is the result of CNN’s instant poll on Hillary’s speech:

Assessment of the speech:

71% VERY positive

15% somewhat positive

12% Negative

I would like to see an analysis of how many times each candidate used the words “I” and “we.”

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