6-21: News Dump

Yesterday was a big day in politics. The Huffington Post led with this headline and story:

Senate Fails: Gun Control Bills Go Down

In the wake of the latest and most profligate shooting in American history, this deserves top billing. We I get upset every time bills related to gun control are proposed in Congress, because every time the result disgusts me. Gutless politicians apparently believe that a moment of silence in prayer is enough to assuage the nation. Legislation to these legislators is out of the question.

What irks me more about yesterday’s news is the next five headlines/stories, presumably set forth in order of importance. Orlando, we’ve had enough of you. Now we will tell you the really important events of the day–more important than digging deeper into the 49 lives lost in a nightclub. Here are the next four headlines.

Trump Campaign in Chaos: Donald Dumps Lewandowski

Another Advisor Quits after Tweeting ‘Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead!’

Report: Trump Children Led Ouster

Anti-Trump Delegates Prep for Convention Revolt

More follow below the fold, so to speak. This is what passes as news: everything Trump. I hope that the back room cigar smokers in the Republican Party come up empty when trying to devise a “Dump Trump” scheme. Despite all the Bill Kristol ball gazing, the harrumphing from the “establishment,” and the trivialization of his campaign by the media, Trump has wiped the floor with his staggering number of competitors and won the GOP delegate derby fair and square. He has earned the title “Presumptive Nominee” of his party on his journey toward coronation inauguration as President of the United States of America. The rules were set, he played by them, he won. The fact that candidate Donald Trump embarrasses so many in his party is, well, is too bad.

I believe a Trump candidacy is important for the nation–and a Clinton candidacy as well. The country needs to know just how “popular” the candidates’ views are. Trump’s wall is not a metaphor, it is real; is this what the majority of Americans want eating up their tax dollars. Oops, forgot, Mexico is going to pay for it. Does business success predict good governance? “W” had an MBA and led us into the greatest recession in 80 years.

These are important issues and should be taken as such by the electorate. But we are presented with hyperbolic candidates. Voters either love Clinton or they hate her, no in between,  love or hate. Democrats believe Trump is a joke and Republicans think he is a bad joke. I fall into the love Clinton camp for reasons not the least of which is the circus coming to town atmosphere I sense in Trump’s run. He has not yet convinced me that he respects the office he is trying to occupy. Ironically, perhaps, that is why I want to see him run. I want to see the actual percentage of Americans who would vote for him. My prediction, written here before, is no more than 20%.

If I am right, we could see the end of off-kilter candidates. If I am wrong, let the games begin.



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