6-17: Trump’s Apathy Uncovered

Try as I might to avoid opining about Donald Trump, he’s unavoidable. His antics bloat the internet. The Daily Kos ran a piece entitled:

Americans Saw Donald Trump acting Presidential–and They Didn’t Like It. They Really Didn’t Like It.

The article chronicled perception of Americans to three speeches given after the massacre in Orlando. President Obama and Secretary Clinton came out fairly well–both gaining favorability points in the polling. The piece continued:

But Donald Trump’s unhinged tirade in which he blamed immigrants, Muslims, Hillary, and President Obama for everything that’s gone wrong since the beginning of time, drew the most definitive public response.

Trump Response to Orlando
Approve 25%
Disapprove 51%

A -26% net approval rating. That’s something that would make even Republicans in Congress wince. If you’re wondering why Trump’s poll numbers are absolutely crashing, it’s because America got a chance to see how he would handle a crisis … and they didn’t like it.

This wasn’t a 3 AM call. Trump had time to put together his response to what happened at Pulse and do it in a way that explained his actual strategy for preventing such horrors in the future. Instead, he delivered to the American people a clear insight into his conspiracy theory-driven, bigoted, and deeply un-American soul. In a moment where there was an opportunity to provide leadership, Trump delivered hatred.

This was a test. He failed.

For the life of me, I don’t understand what motivates this man. Over 100 innocent people were shot and half of them killed in an unfettered outburst of ignorance and hate and Trump hardly acknowledged them in his public comments. He appears to have been born without the compassion gene, unable to feel the pain of others. Instead of reflecting on the pillage, he chose to try to assess blame on equally innocent persons. It is crazy.

The president–past, present, or future–cannot prevent random acts of violence. To pretend that he or she could is just ludicrous. But we do expect our president to reach out to those victimized by tragedies. We realize that there is little he or she can actually do to assuage their angst, but we want the sufferers to know they care.

Throughout the past year Trump has shown us that he has dark sides. His failure to even try to connect with the communities directly affected by the shooting in Pulse, Orlando, Florida shows his darkest façade to date. He demonstrated no feeling for the LGBTQ community, the Latino community, or humankind in general.

He didn’t just fail the test. He chose to exempt himself from taking it at all. As president, what other crises would Trump walk away from, what other hurting people would he ignore?

There is no doubt that many individuals connected with the Pulse tragedy will suffer PTSD. The last thing they need to hear from a leader is, “I don’t care.”

President Trump? No, thank you.

One thought on “6-17: Trump’s Apathy Uncovered”

  1. Mrs. President Hillary? No thanks. Through her negligence, four Americans in Benghazi died. Did she ever say sorry, I made a mistake? So Trump made some errors in his speech. But Hillary caused the deaths and then lied to cover up her tracks. Is this your alternative to put in the White House? After her Gestapo tactics in attacking the women that Bill abused while in office, she has the outright nerve to say that she will stand up for women’s rights! She’s rotten to the core.

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