6-02: Presidential Accomplishments

Blogger Daisiesarepretty wrote a piece which Daily Kos reposted (http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/5/29/1532366/-An-Undercurrent-of-Diminishing-President-Obama-s-Progressive-Accomplishments?) under the following headline:

An Undercurrent of Diminishing President Obama’s Progressive Accomplishments

In her piece she lists accomplishments of the president and then supports each with “facts.” I am just going to repeat her items and let you a) return to Daily Kos to read her support blurbs, or b) just think about each claim on your own and see if you can come up with fill-ins of your own. Here is the list:

  • Fighting Lobbyists & Executive Transparency
  • Saving Jobs
  • Reduced Unemployment
  • Financial System
  • Supporting Workers and Families
  • Supporting Minorities
  • Women’s Rights and Equal Pay
  • Criminal Justice & Guns

Quite a list by any measure. And yet another blog (pleasecutthecrap.com/…), independent of the above, claims another list, a

List of 358 Obama Accomplishments So Far, With Citations

Again, you be the judge.

  • Changed the Culture of the Executive Branch
  • Staved Off a Bush Depression, Improved the Economy
  • Specific Examples of Economic Improvement
  • Addressed Wrongdoing in the Financial Sector
  • Improved Conditions for Consumers and Small Businesses
  • Strengthened the Middle Class and Fought Poverty
  • Addressed Civil Rights and Equality
  • Improved Workers’ Rights
  • Protected the Rights of Gay People
  • Improved Conditions for Women
  • Etc….  (358)

Not everyone will agree that Obama’s actions are positive. Conservatives undoubtedly will a) disagree with many, and b) have actively worked to obstruct what the liberal side calls progressive achievements. In any case, despite unprecedented opposition, Obama has kept pitching.

I would certainly be happier if the president reduced, or even eliminated, the use of drones. Not closing Guantanamo Bay has been a major disappointment. And his more bellicose nature than I imagined at the beginning of his tenure befuddles me. But, I regard him highly as a hard working, virtuous, “presidential” figure who has done much domestically but who has also reestablished America’s dignity on the world stage.


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