5-3: May Is Mental Awareness Month

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Support Veterans During
Mental Health Awareness Month

MakeTheConnection.net connects Veterans and their families and friends with information, resources, and solutions for overcoming many of life’s challenges. In May, during Mental Health Awareness Month, we are challenging you to step forward and join the movement promoting a positive conversation about Veteran mental health.

Help spread the word to millions of Veterans that a healthier life is possible by taking these simple steps:

  • Sign up for our Thunderclap event on May 4 to spread messages of hope and recovery to Veterans across the country.
  • Share the Facebook post featured on MakeTheConnection.net/Step4ward and tag three friends who support Veterans.
  • Visit the new MakeTheConnection.net website to explore innovative features that connect Veterans with information tailored to their experiences.


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You can encourage a Veteran to step forward to a healthier life by sharing this post to your Facebook page and supporting the positive conversation about Veteran mental health on social media.


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