5-18: Obama: Bull, Bear, Barracuda?

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The Political Wire ran this headline

GOP Senate Candidate Calls Obama an ‘Animal’

Carlos Beruff, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Florida, repeatedly referred to President Obama as an “animal” at a county GOP meeting, the Huffington Post reports.

Said Beruff: “Unfortunately, for seven and a half years this animal we call president, because he’s an animal, OK — seven and a half years, has surgically and with thought and very smart, intelligent manner, destroyed this country and dismantled the military under not one, not two, but three secretary of defenses. And they’ve all written books about it.”

Let’s just ignore the tortured phraseology of Beruff’s comment. Instead, let’s look at his choice of words.

Unfortunately implies there was some luck involved in Obama’s victory. Good luck it was for those of us who were sick to our stomachs over lying and cheating Bush and Cheney. Throw in Rumsfeld, too. And does anyone truly believe that having another “businessman” in the White House–Mitt Romney–would do any better than the Bushies who created financial crises for the country. Or do we simply forget the recession? It’s over. Can’t happen again.

Animal. Given the naysaying Congress he inherited, Obama has shown time after time to be the gentleman in the room. Beruff obviously intends this acclamation as a pejorative, but I don’t see it. He needs to complete the analogy. What kind of animal?

surgically destroyed this country. Pretty good for an animal, I’d say. Beyond this being simply ridiculous on its face, I can’t imagine to what he refers. Economy? He mopped up Bush’s mess. Defense? He retracted troops from Iraq on the timetable established by the Bush administration. He seems to be working on it, but the one issue I would like to see him take a surgical strike to is Guantanamo Bay. We would be applauded around the world, and the military divide in this country might actually begin to mend.

dismantled the military. Only stooges believe this. We could cut the defense budget in half and still outspend the rest of the world. When the warmongers start babbling about numbers of ships and planes being less than … whenever … they ignore the fact that we have replaced 19th and 20th century relics with more capable platforms such as aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, ICBMs. We don’t need fleets of canoes and crop dusters anymore. Does the word “superfluous” mean anything to them? Where do we need more troops? Why do we need them there?

secretaries of defense (my correction). Alexander the Great could not have managed the multilateral military mess we were in seven-and-one-half years ago–and even today–but on this I agree with Beruff. Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, and Chuck Hagel were not coming out of meetings in the situation room in agreement on military policy with the president. I think it is to their credit that they resigned, rather than stay in an untenable position. Two of their predecessors come immediately to mind as Secretaries of Defense who overstayed their useful time: McNamara under Johnson and Rumsfeld under Bush.

If you were to choose an animal to compare Obama with, what would it be?

One thought on “5-18: Obama: Bull, Bear, Barracuda?”

  1. I wouldn’t call any president an animal. I voted twice for Obama.i don’t like the fact that he has delivered more drone strikes than any other president although I know it’s because they have somewhat perfected the technology during his term in office.

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