4-5: We’ve Gone a Long Way Backwards, Baby

Truman signs Foreign Assistance Act


[PTSD Risk Factor: Feeling horror, helplessness, or extreme fear. At the risk of sounding whimsical, I think the country was on the verge of experiencing mass PTSD. Our soldiers had seen the horrors of the concentration camps and of war itself; there was an altruistic feeling in America that we had to help others, as we ourselves were embarking on an era of significant economic expansion and the growth of the middle class; for whatever reason, we feared communism. Administering the humanitarian Marshall Plan in Europe was the right thing to do. Fighting two wars of ill-defined purpose in Asia was not.]


For the complete article about Truman and the Marshall Plan, see:




One thought on “4-5: We’ve Gone a Long Way Backwards, Baby”

  1. How do we determine what is the right thing to do? Is it right to send aid to others when your own are hungry and doing without? Is it right to help others be free, when some of your own are not? Is it better to be morally right yet know it is inherently wrong?
    Isn’t it better to help your own get on their feet first, then help out the rest of the world?
    It is a moral dilemma for sure, how do know what is the right thing to do?

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