4-21: Give My Regards to Texas

Some GOPers Want to Secede

So, it’s come to this, again. Secession. A bunch o’ Texans don’t want to be ‘Mericans no more. As reported at chron.com,

“A handful of county or district Republican conventions in Texas sent resolutions to the state party calling for a vote on secession. A committee will evaluate the resolutions and determine whether they will be debated at the party’s state convention in May.”

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Deja Vu, Texas

We have heard this song before, and I am pretty sure that former Governor and former candidate for president Rick Perry favored the idea for a while. At least he said he did. Personally, I don’t see a down side to the proposition.

Let ’em Go

Not counting Perry, Texas recently has loaned the country the beautiful minds of George W. Bush, Louie Gohmert, and the scary, scary Ted Cruz. Let ’em go.

texas photo: texas-5.gif

Just think of the possibilities. First, we need the crazies to succeed in at least keeping the conversation alive after the election in November. It’s a long shot, I know, but a man can hope. Then, we elect a Republican president who will listen to them; there are advantages to both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz winning [Kasich just doesn’t stand a chance].

Ted Cruz

In the President Cruz scenario, there is the Looney Tune card. He has shown his proclivity toward outrageous behavior, as in, “Let’s shut down the government” and reading Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham during a filibuster on the Senate floor. So, yeah, I think Cruz is fully capable of letting idiocy and short sightedness overcome him. Heck, he could resign his U.S. presidency and run for the highest office in the Lone Star Country. Think of it. Instead of not running the government in America, he could spend his time not governing Texas. It’s a win-win for him.

And then there is President Trump. Foremost as a result of the anticipation of the Texas secession accomplishment, he won’t have to make the Mexicans pay for that wall he would have built. Immigration across the Rio Grande will no longer be an American problem. Down the line Trump might have to deal with those Texicans crossing into Arizona and Oklahoma and such, but that is a story for another day.

I really would not mind watching a no holds barred debate over the concept of Texas seceding from the Union. There is that testy border issue they would have to deal with, of course. But there are others. What happens when cities like Galveston are devastated in the next Gulf storm? Will the Texas treasury be bountiful enough to provide the level of funding that the federal government used to provide during force majeure events?

Secession is a serious issue.  Along with that matter of slavery America fought its bitterest war to preserve the Union. Will U.S. citizens who choose to stay be offered dual citizenship, or will they have to leave? What will the country Texas do about undocumented persons? Will it place quotas on immigrants from around the world, but of course most importantly from Mexico?

Adios, Texas



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