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  • I grew up in Harrison (Gardens for 14 years before moving to Jersey Street; worked at Polsky’s through h.s.; graduated from St. Benedict’s in 1963.
  • I am a member of the Campbell/Russell Clan; my mother was Margaret and my grandfather was Big Paddy who lived at 14 South 5th in Chippie and Dolly¬†Cifelly’s house.

I started a blog about a month ago which I am going to forward to the two groups. If you like it, subscribe–no fee–and it will appear in your e-mail inbox every day. If you don’t simply unsubscribe (and I won’t take it personally).

The “hook” for my blog is PTSD, but you don’t have to have it, which I do, to get something out of the posts. Knowing both groups, I know there will be little hesitation on commenting.


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7 thoughts on “4-2: Paul Drew Blog”

  1. I grew up in a house that was chaotic to say the least. My Dad was a big time drinker. Adult children of alcoholics have Many PSTD like symtoms if not full blown PSTD than many features of the syndrome

    1. Hope you are not one of them, Janice. I started this blog to give anyone associated with PTSD, for any reason, to have a place to sound off. Feel free. –pd

  2. Paul,
    Hope you’re doing well I sent you a post a while back .Don’t know if you ever received it.I read your posts with great interest as I read your book several years.I down the Shore if you ever would like to get togetherMaybe we can get a hold of the Big Guy and move somebody.

      1. Hey Paul…Maybe I should just contact you on your page. I read all you blogs with great interest.Proud owner of your book …have to get you to sign it…Retired from coaching in 2006,teaching and AD..2010…41 years who knew….almost as much fun as Ryan and Tremblay…Im in Seaside Park if you’re ever free for lunch….I’m glad I’m finally getting to hear your story …keep writing

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