4-2: Michael Ware Live Interview on “Only the Dead …”


Yesterday, April 1, I blogged about Michael Ware’s HBO documentary film Only the Dead See the End of War. The link above is to an on-air CNN.com audio/video interview of Ware and his co-producer Bill Guttentag.

This is a frank discussion of what covering the war was like for Ware. It also provides valuable insight into some of the symptoms of PTSD. Ware knew, as it was happening, that his “self” was going to dark places.

There is nothing maudlin about this interview. Couple it with the actual documentary, however, and it is moving. Ware makes it possible to absorb his introspection about the war dead and about his own descent into PTSD. Some viewers might relate. Some viewers might learn just a bit more why their loved one is on-edge sometimes.

To access the link:

  1. Copy the link at the beginning of this blog that begins with “http://”.
  2. Paste the link into the box at the top of your screen that coincidentally begins with “http://”.
  3. Move your cursor to the end of the address …”8476″.
  4. Press the Enter key on your keyboard of click on the magnifying glass icon in the right corner of your URL box.
  5. Watch the interview.



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