4-13: We Feared Communism: War Is a Lie

[I have ordered David Swanson’s second edition of War Is a Lie and am able to access the preface and introduction on-line. I look forward to reading this book for a number of reasons, but, in concert with the overall purpose of this blog, it is to deal with PTSD. I intend to include versions of this paragraph in every blog about War Is a Lie in the event that a new reader finds the blog. Ergo, I hope to confront head-on by association these PTSD Risk Factors from the National Institute of Mental Health:
  • living through dangerous events and traumas
  • Seeing people hurt or killed
  • Feeling horror, helplessness, or extreme fear]

From Preface to War Is a Lie

Since the first edition of War Is a Lie in 2010, author David Swanson has “added an epilogue that addresses the state of wars and of war lies five years on…. I had thought that I might produce a new edition of this book with each new war, but I quickly realized that I could not possibly keep up with all the new wars. So this is an edition that, in the epilogue, applies the lessons of the book to several new and ongoing wars at once.

This approach also allows me to examine, in the epilogue, the current and evolving ability of the public to recognize and reject war lies. Improving that ability is, of course, the entire purpose of this book.

Relevance to PTSD

As I trace the spawning of my own demons, I never miss the point that Swanson makes today. With the bogus exception of Dwight Eisenhower-to-John Kennedy mythological Domino Theory of the spread of communism, I find no credible reason for US troops being deployed en masse in Southeast Asia in the 1960s and 1970s. And it is common knowledge of Lyndon Johnson’s acquisition of war powers in 1965 was based on the lie of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. In a word, the purpose for massive escalation of the war in Vietnam was based on a LIE.

5 thoughts on “4-13: We Feared Communism: War Is a Lie”

  1. Interesting that “we wanted to stop the spread of communism in southeast Asia”, and now we have Hillary and Bernie, socialists, (communists) running for president. We’ve had FDR, and his socialism, and we see how socialism and communism all over the world has been a failue wherever it has been tried. It’s an old lesson, history will repeat itself again. The constant rule is that politicians will promise anything and everything, and deliver the goods to themselves and their cronies, and we pay the bill.

      1. You can have them! Lying, cheating, and stealing on both sides of the aisle. We the people really don’t have any choice. Both corrupt parties put up their candidates and then tell us we have a choice. It’s not the repubs vs the dem’s, it’s them against us. The game is rigged, the deck is stacked, we’re the losers.

  2. magnificent issues altogether, you just received a new reader. What may you suggest in regards to your post that you made a few days in the past? Any positive?

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