3-30: Trump Touts Torture

[The thought of being captured and tortured scared me more in Vietnam than the thought of being killed in combat. It drives me crazy when  politicians use the word so glibly. Excerpts from The Nation Magazine’s  Sasha Abramsky below demonstrate what I mean. When the leading GOP candidate for the presidential nomination says he would “do a lot more than waterboarding,” it gets Abramsky upset. I get upset too. So should you.  A comment to anyone in power in America, now or ever: Do not torture in my name.]

See the original article in its entirety at:  http://www.thenation.com/article/exactly-what-kind-of-torture-does-donald-trump-want-to-use/

Abramsky: Donald Trump plays the tough-guy well; he’s like the Mafia-type cinema figure who intimidates and thrills his audiences by talking about his enemies’ “sleeping with the fishes.” But he never actually gets down and dirty and explains to those audiences exactly what he’ll be asking them to do, when, as president and as commander in chief, he authorizes “the torture,” and a “lot worse than waterboarding.”

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