10-26: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

[I consult and consider many sources in search of appropriate subject matter for this blog. Often I find material that is best left (mostly) untouched by me, e.g., today’s piece, a brochure from AFSP, one (of 4) of which I picked up at a walk my daughter and I participated in this past weekend.]

[I will be out of town for the rest of the week … meeting Army buddies in Indiana. No more blogs this week.

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Our Bold Goal

Reduce the annual suicide rate in the United States 20% by 2025. With the suicide rate increasing over the past 10 years, a 20% reduction will be a challenge, but with tens of thousands of lives at stake, it’s a challenge worth taking.

What We Do


We are the largest private funder of suicide prevention research, and it’s at the core of everything we do. Much of what is known about suicide and how it can be prevented comes from studies we’ve funded. In the past five years alone we’ve funded over 100 studies across multiple scientific disciplines. We fund neurobiological, psychosocial, and genetic research, as well as studies to develop treatment and community programs.


We create a culture that’s smart about mental health by providing evidence-based programs to colleges, schools, and hospitals, and within organizations. We educate students, teachers, clinicians, and community members because everyone has a role to play in preventing suicide. Just one example: our More than Sad program has taught over a million teens about the signs of depression, shown them hos to reach out for help, and destigmatized mental health conditions.


We rally volunteers at the state and federal level to advocate for policies that will reduce suicide and improve mental health services. Our state victories include mandatory suicide prevention training for educators, and we’ve helped pass key federal legislation like the Experience in Mental Health Act, which secured $900 million for community-based mental health and substance use disorder treatment–the largest federal investment in a generation.


We provide support for those who struggle with thoughts of suicide or who have survived a suicide attempt. Our breakthrough Interactive Screening Program reaches people at risk who are the least likely to seek help by providing an anonymous way to engage with counselors. We also help loss survivors heal after the death of a loved one through outreach and support programs. Each year we organize hundreds of healing events for International Survivors Loss Day.

Save Lives and Bring Hope to Those Affected by Suicide.

We are a 501(c)93) nonprofit founded in 1987 by a group of researchers and famiies who wanted to take action against this leading cause of death. We have since grown from a small grassroots network into a movement of over a million people across the country.

Our Chapters

We have chapters in all 50 states that raise awareness at events and walks. Chapters offer educational programs, advocate for public policy, and provide support for those affected by suicide.

Out of the Darkness Walks

[This is what my daughter and I participated in.]

Community | The Overnight | Campus

Our walks do more than raise the resources to fight suicide; they honor those who have lost a battle to mental illness, and they bring suicide and mental health conditions out of the darkness.


Suicide prevention starts with everyday heroes like you.

Suicide is a leading cause of death, and it’s preventable. Together we encourage those who struggle to seek help, improve the quality of their lives, and stop this tragic loss of life.

Become a Lifesaver

The vast majority of our funding comes from individual donors like you, and we work hard to make the most of your donations. We keep our administrative costs low and focus on impact, and we are consistently ranked one of the best nonprofit organizations. We meet the standards for good governance set by the Better Business Bureau and the National Health Council. Charity Navigator, the guide to intelligent giving, awards AFSP four out of four stars.

Donate | Walk | Volunteer

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention




10-24: Connect with VA

If you are a veteran–or know one–and are not yet connected to the VA, stop putting it off. There are a number of ways to get there. You can simply input Veterans Benefits into your browser and see where it takes you. Personally, I use the site “myhealthevet” which gets me everywhere in the system I want to be.

If you have heard horror stories from the media or maybe even someone you know, don’t take that as an answer. My personal experiences with the VA have been outstanding. But you have to make the first move.

Connect with VA:

In order to connect through one of the following media, click before the first letter of your preferred medium (e.g., before the “F” in Facebook) and a link will appear on your screen. Click it and you are in.

The important thing is that you get and stay connected to the VA. One of the best services I avail myself of is ordering prescriptions. Any prescription the VA prescribes costs $9. 00 per month. That’s it! And, I order them on-line and they appear in the mail. It is as easy as that.

  • Facebook – Veterans of the Day, Top VA news & videos
  • Twitter – Veteran news from around the country
  • Subscribe – Never miss a VA update
  • Instagram – Top Veteran pictures from around the country


#VeteranOfTheDay Nominations

Nominate a special Veteran as #VeteranOfTheDay

It’s easy to nominate a Veteran. All it takes is an email to us with as much information as you can put together. Click on the picture to the left for an overview of how to put together a great #VeteranOfTheDay package.

10-21: Women Vets Speak Out

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

 [I consult and consider many sources in search of appropriate subject matter for this blog. Often I find material that is best left (mostly) untouched by me, e.g., today’s piece from blogger Denise Oliver Velez. I wrote that I would not write about the Republican nominee until he either drops out or the election is over … I consider this blog to be about much more important people to me.]

Denise Oliver Velez supports–and is looking for support for–a group of female veterans who seek justice in this election.

Women Vets Speak Out Against XXXXX

A group of women veterans have made an ad talking about why they see xxxxx as unfit to be Commander in Chief.

A Testimonial

My name is Wendy Barranco and I am a proud Army veteran who served her country honorably in Iraq.

Blue Falcon (not an honorific)

It is my patriotic duty to stand up to hatred and bigotry, which is why a few weeks ago, we teamed up with Common Defense PAC. We realized we needed to share our stories. xxxxx is a blue falcon. He’s the kind of guy who won’t have your back when the stakes are high. He’s the kind of guy who steals your gear when you’re not looking. He’s the kind of guy who’s only ever in it for himself.

We are not big players, we are veterans. Our best friends are not millionaires and billionaires. So the only way we can get this ad out is with help from working class Americans. Small dollar donations mean the world. If we can raise $30,000, we can reach more than half a million undecided voters in swing states like AZ, NH and NV.

Please help us share this message, donate and listen to vets.


Wendy, Jess, Mika, Trina, Crystal and the Common Defense PAC

You can help spread the word on twitter at #TrumpBlueFalcon:

The purpose of this blog is not to solicit money for causes, even causes that I wholeheartedly agree with. Rather, it is to raise awareness of issues that impact veterans to the point of their suffering with PTSD. No one can tell from their open letter/ad what the emotional condition of these women actually is, other than anger. However, there can be no doubt that they have strong feelings about the chain of command, feelings they are strong enough to express publicly.

Also, this letter gives lie to the general perception that those in the active military as well as veterans are a reliable voting bloc for Republicans. The deeper we dig the clearer the vision we see of endless, senseless war and war mongering. Blue falcons and chicken hawks be damned.


10-20: First Amendment Rights

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

First, the Good News

Recently, I blogged about the bogus rioting charges levied in North Dakota against journalist/activist Amy Goodman. But then there is this from John Nicols. His use of “they,” referencing nameless, faceless Government officials is ominous and chilling.

Then …

North Dakota’s War on the First Amendment Threatens Everyone’s Right to Know

They issued an arrest warrant for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, after her decision to join protests by Native American tribes and their allies drew attention to the struggle against the Dakota Access pipeline.

They issued an arrest warrant for Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! after she reported on physical attacks on protesters. When Goodman announced she would turn herself in, as part of an essential defense of the rights of journalists to report on news stories, McLean County States Attorney Ladd Erickson came up with a new claim that the journalist had participated in a “riot” – a charge so absurd that a local judge rejected it on Monday.

They arrested Madison, Wisconsin, City Council member Rebecca Kemble an elected official who was observing a prayer ceremony organized by opponents of the pipeline. And, in what has become a pattern, they seized the camera she was using to document efforts by indigenous people to prevent the desecration of sacred grounds….

A Warning

The remarkable events that have transpired in North Dakota in recent weeks are jarring, not just for the details of prosecutorial lawlessness but because they offer an indication of what can happen when the state aligns with corporations in order to shut down the democratic discourse….

“Violating the First Amendment is not good for North Dakota. It is not good for this country.” – Amy Goodman

The presidential nominees are silent on this issue, because it has not been posed to them. One wonders what they would have to say.

The abuses by North Dakota prosecutors of their legal authority threaten the ability of people across the United States to learn about the vital environmental and human rights issues raised by a genuinely controversial pipeline project. Americans have a right to know …

What is happening in North Dakota is so fundamentally and so thoroughly un-American.

The First Amendment

… was not added to the U.S. Constitution merely to protect journalists. It was added with an eye toward protecting everyone who seeks to engage with and expand the public discourse …

  • by assembling
  • by petitioning for the redress of grievances and
  • by documenting those assemblies and those protests

…[B]ut our concern about what’s happening in North Dakota … is about the whole of the First Amendment, and the whole of a constitution that imposes a rule of law not just on citizens but on corporations and on prosecutors. The authorities in North Dakota are shredding the U.S. Constitution with their assaults on the right

  • to assemble
  • to petition for the redress of grievances
  • to document these assemblies and petitions, and
  • to provide the people of North Dakota and the United States with the information that free peoples require in order to makes choices in a democratic society.

So, are we a nation of sheep?

The events unfolding in North Dakota–Did you know about them before reading this piece?–are a microcosm of the democratic experiment. Be real careful for whom you vote. Think about it.


10-19: Tonight’s Debate

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

Katrina vanden Heuvel ponders in the Nation magazine:

What if the Next Presidential Debate Actually Covered Critical Issues?

Boy, wouldn’t that be something. She writes:

We need a debate worthy of the challenges we face as a nation.

As the grotesquerie masquerading as a presidential campaign slouches toward its end, a final spectacle—a “debate”—is slated for [tonight]. It is hard to imagine a worse circumstance. Trump, more at ease with insults than ideas, is in the midst of a mortifying public self-immolation. The Clinton campaign has heated itself into a faux Cold War lather over WikiLeaks’ release of hacked campaign emails. And as a final measure, the “moderator,” Chris Wallace, is supplied by Fox News, a virtual guarantee that the scandalous will supplant the substantial.

I am more optimistic about the moderator. His interviews can be insightful and, as shown in the past, pugnacious.

It is probably a fool’s errand to suggest that Wallace explore real issues rather than raking the muck over again. But opinions have already hardened on everything from Clinton’s “damned emails” to Trump’s predation. Rather than ask Trump about his libido or Clinton about the “deplorables,” why not pose fundamental questions that have received far too little attention in this campaign?

Wallace has already released a list of topics for the debate:

  • debt and entitlements
  • immigration
  • economy
  • Supreme Court
  • “foreign hot spots” and
  • fitness to be president

Of course, previous debate moderators also released seemingly substantive lists of topics, to no avail. That said, though we’ve already heard a lot about immigration (“Build the wall”), the Supreme Court, and fitness for the presidency, some of these could be used to frame real concerns.

For example, “foreign hot spots” might start with the hottest spot of all: the Earth. Bizarrely, we are headed into the last debate without a single question [yet] on climate change … The Pentagon considers climate change a clear and present danger that will destabilize far more countries than al-Qaeda and its offshoots will…. Is Clinton ready to lead that charge, and if so, what will it entail? Trump says climate change is a hoax …

Climate change deniers? Do so at our risk.

On the economy, Wallace could probe the issue where the two candidates stand united against the bipartisan elite consensus of the past decades. Both oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership … So ask, “Would you urge the Congress to vote down the TPP? How would you change trade strategies going forward?”

Finally, it would be a true disservice to the country if the debate doesn’t center on the growing fears that the United States is careening into a reckless face-off with Russia and lurching deeper into war in the Middle East.

The stakes are high.

We’ve heard this one before, but this is truly a momentous election. One can only hope that Moderator Chris Wallace can keep the candidates focused on momentous issues. We have had enough grandstanding, parading, and topic avoidance from the candidates. We, the electorate, deserve and require a presidential performance from both.


10-18: Republican Switches Parties

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

Need for Two Parties

There is enough corruption and lunacy to go around … whether Democrat or Republican. That’s why I am an Independent. I know Independents don’t win much [Bernie Sanders being an exception], but I want major party candidates to know that they have to win my vote and not just take it for granted. To have a single dominant party would be suicide. Look how well it works in North Korea.

The Daily Kos reports on a quasi-prominent Republican, Josh Barro, who just switched to the Democratic side of the aisle. [Barro is a columnist and former Mitt Romney aide who can frequently be seen as a political analyst on MSNBC.]

And no, it wasn’t Trump who led him there, at least not directly. [I promised not to write about Trump anymore, but this blog is about Josh Barro.] It was the GOP’s craven, spineless reaction to Trump that drove him over the edge.  In particular he calls out Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan for “taking an action that risks the destruction of the American republic to advance their personal interests.”

I can only conclude from the available evidence that they love their careers more than they love America. And they are why I quit the Republican Party this week.

But why join the Dems instead of becoming an independent, his editor wanted to know?

I did that because I believe political parties are key vehicles for policy-making, and choosing not to join one is choosing to give up influence.

Barro himself writes:

Why I Left the Republican Party to become a Democrat

The most important thing we have learned this year is that when the Republican Party was hijacked by a dangerous fascist [Barro’s characterization –pd] who threatens to destroy the institutions that make America great and free, most Republicans up and down the organizational chart stood behind him …

Some did this because they are fools who do not understand why Trump is dangerous.

Some did it because they were naïve

I want to focus on (another) group: Republican politicians who understand exactly how dangerous Donald Trump is but who have chosen to support him anyway for reasons of strategy, careerism, or cowardice.

Cowards and Scoundrels

I am talking, for example, about Sen. Marco Rubio, who in the primary called Trump an “erratic individual” who must not be trusted with nuclear weapons — and then endorsed him for president.

I am talking about Sen. Ted Cruz, who called Trump a “pathological liar” and “utterly amoral” — and then endorsed him for president …

Most of all, I’m talking about House Speaker Paul Ryan, a man whose pained, blue eyes suggest he desperately wants to cry for help. He’s a man who runs around the country pathetically trying to pretend that Trump does not exist and that the key issue is his congressional caucus’ “Better Way” agenda. And he’s a man who, of his own free will, seeks to help Donald Trump become president.

There is more, of course, to Barro’s argument, but his case has been made.

Any Democrats Turning Republican?

Hillary Clinton certainly has her baggage, most notably the “e-mail question” detractors harp on relentlessly. But I have not read anywhere of an instance in which a single Democrat is abandoning ship and clinging to the raggedy raft that Trump has made of the Republican Party.

For those still clinging to Hillary Hate, let it go. Vote your conscience, not your mythology. The Republican Party under Trump is not your GOP.

10-17: Trumped up Charges Threaten Freedom

[I consult and consider many sources in search of appropriate subject matter for this blog. Often I find material that is best left (mostly) untouched by me, e.g., today’s piece from David Swanson’s blog.]

Several months ago I blogged about and excerpted from David Swanson’ latest book, War Is a Lie. Below is his blog concerning Amy Goodman, political activist and host of “Democracy Now” which used to appear on Free Speech TV and is now affiliated with Independent Global News. (Your TV provider may not carry th4e program, mine doesn’t.)

Don’t Imprison Amy Goodman for Journalism

Here’s the whole text of the petition:

Drop the illogical and illegal charge of “rioting” that you have brought against Amy Goodman for her commission of an act of journalism. Similarly, drop the felony charges you have brought against documentary film maker Deia Schlosberg who filmed activists shutting down pipelines.

Amy Goodman filmed and reported on violent attacks on protesters of the construction of a new pipeline in North Dakota. The state of North Dakota, in its infinite wisdom, tried to figure out a crime to charge her with. Espionage would have been a tough sell, although Goodman had committed the same offense as Julian Assange or James Risen, namely journalism. Trespassing was originally the offense settled upon. When it became clear, however, that that couldn’t stick, North Dakota’s genius prosecutors simply switched the charge to rioting. After all, what is rioting if not filming and reporting on violence?

Well, Dictionary.com says rioting is “a disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons acting together in a disrupting and tumultuous manner in carrying out their private purposes.” But Amy Goodman is not three or more persons. She didn’t disrupt anybody or do anything in a tumultuous manner. And she was carrying out a public service. In fact it was the one public service protected by the U.S. Constitution (or theoretically protected thereby). The First Amendment states:

“Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom … of the press.”

That’s supposed to apply to North Dakota as well. But the First Amendment only means anything if it is protected when threatened. That’s why I’d like everyone who thinks journalists who do their jobs in North Dakota should stay out of prison should sign this petition.

Also in North Dakota (as well as in Minnesota and Montana and Washington) five activists recently used emergency shut-off switches to shut down five active fossil fuel pipelines. They notified the pipeline owners, shut the pipelines down in remote locations, and then waited lengthy amounts of time for the police to arrive and arrest them. They believed that in fact the destruction of the earth’s climate constitutes an emergency. They also asked journalists to document their actions.

The activists expected to face criminal prosecution and in fact are facing the possibility of years in prison. Two of them discuss their actions on my radio show this week. Obviously by interviewing them on my show I am not committing any crime. Obviously any listener is free to conclude that they acted morally or immorally, free to remain undecided, free to seek out additional sources of information, free to create their own podcast explaining why I’m a fool, etc.

But in North Dakota, Deia Schlosberg, who simply filmed what happened, was “held for 48 hours before being allowed to speak to a lawyer. The authorities confiscated her footage. She is now charged with three counts of felony conspiracy and faces a possible sentence of up to 45 years.”

If you can’t recognize why this is a dangerous development, let me add an additional concern. If this sort of violation of freedom of the press were learned of in a nation targeted by the Pentagon for overthrow, it would be used by the U.S. media to justify a bombing campaign. With the rapid militarization of domestic police, what if the Pentagon were to forget that it isn’t supposed to bomb North Dakota?

Perhaps that’s a bit unlikely, but let’s not take any chances.

Connection to PTSD

Some battles are worth fighting. Goodman has chosen to take a legitimate stand. Her actions are unquestionably supported under the First Amendment. If any representative of our government can twist the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to enforce his/her political will, then we are all at risk of losing our freedoms. The likelihood of that happening should frighten all of us. Word wrangling is not what we fought for.

10-14: PTSD and Relationships

[I consult and consider many sources in search of appropriate subject matter for this blog. Often I find material that is best left (mostly) untouched by me, e.g., today’s piece.]

No More Blogs about Trump

I will not write anything about Donald Trump until one of two things happen.

  1. He leaves the race.
  2. Election is over.



This article is dated, but I have never published it on this blog. It contains meat and potatoes stuff that is helpful to PTSD sufferers and those around them.

Site by PTSD Support Services, Woodland Park CO

Caveat: The information on this Web site is presented for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for informed medical advice or training. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a mental health problem without consulting a qualified health or mental health care provider. All information contained on these pages is in the public domain … and may be copied and distributed without restriction…. For more information telephone us at (802) 296-5132 or send email to ptsd@dartmouth.edu.

Ttrauma survivors with PTSD often experience problems in their intimate and family relationships or close friendships. PTSD involves symptoms that interfere with trust, emotional closeness, communication, responsible assertiveness, and effective problem solving:

  • Loss of interest in social or sexual activities, and feeling distant from others, as well as feeling emotionally numb. Partners, friends, or family members may feel hurt, alienated, or discouraged, and then become angry or distant toward the survivor.
  • Feeling irritable, on-guard, easily startled, worried, or anxious may lead survivors to be unable to relax, socialize, or be intimate without being tense or demanding. Significant others may feel pressured, tense, and controlled as a result.
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep and severe nightmares prevent both the survivor and partner from sleeping restfully, and may make sleeping together difficult.
  • Trauma memories, trauma reminders or flashbacks, and the attempt to avoid such memories or reminders, can make living with a survivor feel like living in a war zone or living in constant threat of vague but terrible danger. Living with an individual who has PTSD does not automatically cause PTSD; but it can produce “vicarious” or “secondary” traumatization, which is almost like having PTSD.
  • Reliving trauma memories, avoiding trauma reminders, and struggling with fear and anger greatly interferes with survivors’ abilities to concentrate, listen carefully, and make cooperative decisions — so problems often go unresolved for a long time. Significant others may come to feel that dialogue and teamwork are impossible.

Survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse, rape, domestic violence, combat, or terrorism, genocide, torture, kidnapping or being a prisoner of war, often report feeling a lasting sense of terror, horror, vulnerability and betrayal that interferes with relationships:

  • Feeling close, trusting, and emotionally or sexually intimate may seem a dangerous “letting down of my guard” because of past traumas — although the survivor often actually feels a strong bond of love or friendship in current healthy relationships.
  • Having been victimized and exposed to rage and violence, survivors often struggle with intense anger and impulses that usually are suppressed by avoiding closeness or by adopting an attitude of criticism or dissatisfaction with loved ones and friends. Intimate relationships may have episodes of verbal or physical violence.
  • Survivors may be overly dependent upon or overprotective of partners, family members, friends, or support persons (such as healthcare providers or therapists).
  • Alcohol abuse and substance addiction — as an attempt to cope with PTSD — can destroy intimacy or friendships

In the first weeks and months following the traumatic event, survivors of disasters, terrible accidents or illnesses, or community violence often feel an unexpected sense of anger, detachment, or anxiety in intimate, family, and friendship relationships. Most are able to resume their prior level of intimacy and involvement in relationships, but the 5-10% who develop PTSD often experience lasting problems with relatedness and intimacy….


  • Patience Mason, Recovering from the War: A Woman’s Guide to Helping Your Vietnam Vet, Your Family, and Yourself (Viking, 1990, ISBN 0-670-81587- X; Penguin, 1990, ISBN 0-14-009912-3)
  • Aphrodite Matsakis, Vietnam Wives: Facing the Challenges of Life with Veterans Suffering Post Traumatic Stress (Sidran Press, 1996, ISBN 1-886968- 00-4)


10-13: Has He Hit Bottom Yet?

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

 [I consult and consider many sources in search of appropriate subject matter for this blog. Often I find material that is best left (mostly) untouched by me, e.g., today’s piece.]

“Trump is the worst major-party candidate this republic has ever produced.”

Above is the title of an article in Foreign Policy magazine, a 40-year-old publication that has never endorsed a candidate for president. But Donald Trump has managed to coerce even FP’s editors to take a stand. He’s that bad! They write:

In the nearly half-century history of Foreign Policy, the editors of this publication have never endorsed a candidate for political office. We cherish and fiercely protect this publication’s independence and its reputation for objectivity, and we deeply value our relationship with all of our readers, regardless of political orientation.

It is for all these reasons that FP’s editors are now breaking with tradition to endorse Hillary Clinton for the next president of the United States….

Fortunately, not only is Trump opposed by a worthy candidate, but his opponent is, on foreign-policy and national security issues — all of the areas we cover here at FP — one of the best qualified candidates this country has produced since World War II.

Trump really is in over his head. And now, despite his barrages of bravado, he is not man enough to admit his incompetence and ignorance regarding the qualifications for governance in a republic. He has surrounded himself with sycophants all his life, a losing strategy when considering his bankruptcies and failed ventures.

This from Hunter at the Daily Kos:

… Trump Dump: Trump declares war on Paul Ryan, John McCain, and the last shreds of decency

The support of Hillary is quite strong, but the majority of the endorsement is an evisceration of Donald Trump’s dangerous lack of experience, inflammatory rhetoric, and general disregard for almost anything.

The article goes on to point out specific indecencies that have spewed out of Trump’s pursed lips in recent days. Daily Kos quotes from Foreign Policy.

… [Trump] has repeatedly demonstrated his ignorance of the most basic facts of international affairs, let alone the nuances so crucial to the responsibilities of diplomacy inherent in the U.S. president’s daily responsibilities.

He has repeatedly denigrated the U.S. military — its leadership, service members, veterans, and the families who stand behind them. He has also derided the intelligence community….

[Remember, PTSD is a sign of weakness, says Trump the Draft Dodger. –pd]

He has treated the press with derision … He has shown such a complete disregard for the truth that he has arguably done more than any other single individual to seek to usher in a new and unwelcome post-fact era in America’s political debate.

He would therefore put at risk our way of life, our freedoms, and our alliances. His reckless behavior has already undermined America’s standing internationally…. [W]ere he to claim the Oval Office, he would be a destabilizing force that would undercut American leadership instantly and for generations to come….

Pardon me. I have to go wash my hands.

10-12: Buffet Snuffs Trump’s Bluff

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

[All cited material below appears in multiple sources.]

Trump Is a Blood-sucking Weasel

No one I know likes to pay taxes. Most people I have ever spoken with about the topic also fear making a mistake so they hire an accountant to “do” their taxes or take their shoe box to H&R Block or a similar firm. Then there is Citizen Trump who says paying $0 in federal income tax for at least 18 years makes him “smart.”

In Sunday night’s debate Donald Trump claimed, with no supporting evidence, that Hillary Clinton’s billionaire friends such as George Soros and Warren Buffet did the same, i.e., they paid no personal federal income tax.

Buffet Debunks Trump’s False Allegations

Buffet says the following to Trump:

My 2015 return shows adjusted gross income of $11,563,931. My deductions totaled $5,477,694, of which allowable charitable deductions were $3,469,179. All but $36,037 of the remainder was for state income taxes.

The total charitable contributions I made during the year were $2,858,057,970, of which more than $2.85 billion were not taken as deductions, and never will be. Tax law properly limits charitable deductions.

My federal income tax for the year was $1,845,557. Returns for previous years are of similar nature in respect to contributions, deductions, and tax rates.

Billion with a “B”

Mark Sumner reports: In a single year, Warren Buffett gave $2.85 billion to charity—and still paid his fair share of taxes.

I no longer want to see Trump’s tax returns. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. His narcissism and, by definition, selfish temperament have revealed enough to disqualify him as a potential leader.

  • He doesn’t like POWs.
  • He doesn’t like Mexicans.
  • He doesn’t like Muslims.
  • He doesn’t like immigrants.
  • He views PTSD as a sign of weakness.
  • He supposedly accepted a Purple Heart from a “man on the street” and said “I always wanted a Purple Heart.”
  • He claimed to a TV reporter that he has made many sacrifices in is life, sacrifices such as “building” things. That, of course, shows no sacrifice … and when this paper titan’s enterprises crumble, he declares bankruptcy and writes them off on his taxes.
  • He speaks crudely about women “in the locker room” and then claims he loves and respects all women.
  • Enough! I don’t care what he likes or doesn’t like.

… and, sadly, I don’t think we have seen the last/worst of this charlatan.