2-3: Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl LI Weekend

Scene: Corner tavern, Anywhere, USA

Falcons Fan: Hey, buddy, pull up a stool and have a beer.

Patriots Fan: Don’t mind if I do. Good to see you. So, where are you going to watch the game?

Falcons Fan: Oh, we’re going to a small neighborhood party. Same couple been hosting it for 10-12 years now. How about you?

Patriots Fan: We’re going to my bachelor brother’s house. Huge Patriots fan. Says he won’t let anyone in who is not wearing something with the “Patriots” logo. He always puts patriots in finger quotes. I love my Pats, don’t get me wrong, but he takes team loyalty to another dimension.

Falcons Fan: I know what you mean. I’m a relative newbie when it comes to rooting for Atlanta, became a Falcons fan when I worked down there. The company had season tickets on the 50-yard line and we became fans. Actually grew up a Steelers guy, you know, right through the glory days: the Steel Curtain, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris. Heck, I bled Pittsburgh black before Atlanta even had a team.

Patriots Fan: My story is kind of like that. Grew up in Cleveland. Browns fan. Jim Brown. Still the best running back of all time in my book.

Falcons Fan: Won’t argue with that.

Patriots Fan: Then I went to college in Boston in the late 60s. The New England Pats were the Boston Patriots at the time and, if you wanted to show your face anywhere in Bean Town on a Sunday afternoon during football season, the words “go, Patriots” had better be close to the tip of your tongue … or else. I converted.

Falcons Fan: Can you believe this is the 51st year? 1967. I graduated high school in 66 and went to work in a factory.

Patriots Fan: I was, like I said, in college. Hey, look who just came in out of the cold.

Giants Fan: Whew, it’s getting nippy out there.

Patriots Fan: Sit down, sit down. Warm yourself up with a nice cold beer.

Giants Fan: Don’t mind if I do.

Falcons Fan: We were just stumbling down memory lane. You know. Talking about the Super Bowl.

Giants Fan: Going to be some game.

Patriots Fan: Still root for them Giants?

Giants Fan: Sure.

Falcons Fan: It must have stung … that first bowl in 1967.

Giants Fan: What do you mean?

Falcons Fan: Well, you know, Green Bay being the NFL champs, not New York. They had some rivalry going in those days.

Patriots Fan: Yeah, playing for Lombardi, the Chiefs never had a chance against the Packers. I watched the game in the student center with about 100 of my closest friends.

Falcons Fan: I watched it in my buddy’s garage. Little TV with rabbit ears. We drank a six-pack out of the fridge. I’m pretty sure now that his dad left it there for us.

Patriots Fan: How about you, Big Blue? Where were did you watch that first super bowl?

Giants Fan: I didn’t know there was a game. I was in Vietnam.


4 thoughts on “2-3: Super Bowl Weekend”

  1. Wow Paul
    How true was that for so many vets. The Super Bowl is fun, but there are many more things going on today that need to be attended to.
    I wish everyone a good game, but I wish the USA to overcome the internal challenges as well as the world challenges to turn out the best for us.

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