11-15: Treatments Available

[I consult and consider many sources in search of appropriate subject matter for this blog. Often I find material that is best left (mostly) untouched by me, e.g., today’s piece which comes from the VA’s National Center for PTSD.]

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Good treatments are available for PTSD …

no matter when a Veteran served or how long symptoms have been present.

Our website, VA.gov, offers information for Veterans, their loved ones, and the providers who care for them:

  • Help for Veterans with PTSD answers questions about PTSD and service-connected disability that are often asked by Veterans.
  • Family and Friends of Veterans with PTSD can learn how to support their loved ones and help themselves.
  • For Professionals Who Work with Veterans, our PTSD 101 Course: Understanding Military Culture explains the context of military service relevant for caring for Veterans and offers free continuing education credits.

To help us raise PTSD awareness throughout the year, get ideas on how to spread the word that

PTSD treatment can help.


The illustration at the blog’s top is the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. The blogger is a Vietnam Veteran, 1966-67. He is an author and past state chaplain for a major veterans organization. He welcomes comments on posts and encourages readers to subscribe to PTSDOutreach.com; two points: 1) it is free, 2) posts appear directly in your e-mail in-box.



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