10-5: Trump Is Scum

[I consult and consider many sources in search of appropriate subject matter for this blog. Often I find material that is best left (mostly) untouched by me, e.g., today’s piece from BuzzFeednews.]

POWs Are Not Heroes

Remember Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about former POW John McCain. “I like winners. McCain got caught. The only reason he is a hero is that he got caught.” I ask that you remember this chicken hawk statement, because it gets worse.

PTSD Shows Weakness

Trump’s despicable comments about soldiers and former soldiers with PTSD show further what a low life this parasite is. The meat of the reporting below appeared in numerous media outlets; BuzzFeednews’ depiction is typical.

From BuzzFeednews …

Donald Trump on Monday suggested to a room full of veterans that soldiers who return from war suffering from PTSD are not “strong” and “can’t handle it.” The GOP presidential candidate’s statement came during a Q&A at the Retired American Warriors PAC. Some of the questions were about the suicide epidemic in the military and criticism of the Veterans Administration (VA) for falling short on providing veterans with the mental health treatment they need. After saying there are around 22 veteran suicides a day, Trump explained to the room of veterans what PTSD was.

… can’t handle it

“When people come back from war and combat and they see maybe what the people in this room have seen many times over, and you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it,” Trump said. There was a silence in the room after his statement, and people on social media were quick to express anger.

There should have been the thunderous sound of veterans leaving the room.

Following a request for response to Trump’s statements, the Camp Hope PTSD Foundation emailed BuzzFeed News this screenshot, tweeted after Trump’s statement.

Jon Soltz, a veteran of the Iraq war and the chairman of the Vote Vets organization, sent BuzzFeed News a statement calling Trump’s remarks “horrible” but “not shocking.” “We’re talking about a person, in Trump, who believes that POWs aren’t real heroes” … Trump also said he’s made sacrifices similar to those of Gold Star Families, who lost loved ones in war.

How dare he!

“The constant disrespect Donald Trump shows towards our veterans and service members is sickening, and completely and totally disqualifying,” Soltz said. Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient Will Fischer sent similar comments to BuzzFeed News. “Trump’s comments about veterans with PTSD reveal his total disdain for veterans and military families and highlight just how disconnected he is with our community,” Fischer wrote….

Trump obtained four deferments from the draft into the Vietnam War before being medically disqualified from serving in the military in 1968.

There’s more …

Trump was given–allegedly!–a Purple Heart from an anonymous man in the street. I don’t believe this story on any level. Nonetheless, Trump did say, “I always wanted a Purple Heart.”

PTSD sufferers do not receive the Purple Heart, and I am not advocating that they should. But for this gutless buffoon to insinuate that combat-induced mental and emotional distress shows weakness is almost as obscene as the battlefields that triggered those thoughts from Hell.

How many more people need to be ridiculed by this 234lbs of human offal before his supporters desert the rotting ship? A person/voter may not like Hillary Clinton, but she pays her taxes.




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  1. Everyone who has been voting Repuglican for the entire last generation should now face the fact that this sewer is where they have been headed all along. They have been marching into it for years. This is the party of Trump. If you vote Repuglican for any office, the stench clings to you. You need to own up to it and stop lying to yourself and the rest of us.

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