10-18: Republican Switches Parties

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

Need for Two Parties

There is enough corruption and lunacy to go around … whether Democrat or Republican. That’s why I am an Independent. I know Independents don’t win much [Bernie Sanders being an exception], but I want major party candidates to know that they have to win my vote and not just take it for granted. To have a single dominant party would be suicide. Look how well it works in North Korea.

The Daily Kos reports on a quasi-prominent Republican, Josh Barro, who just switched to the Democratic side of the aisle. [Barro is a columnist and former Mitt Romney aide who can frequently be seen as a political analyst on MSNBC.]

And no, it wasn’t Trump who led him there, at least not directly. [I promised not to write about Trump anymore, but this blog is about Josh Barro.] It was the GOP’s craven, spineless reaction to Trump that drove him over the edge.  In particular he calls out Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan for “taking an action that risks the destruction of the American republic to advance their personal interests.”

I can only conclude from the available evidence that they love their careers more than they love America. And they are why I quit the Republican Party this week.

But why join the Dems instead of becoming an independent, his editor wanted to know?

I did that because I believe political parties are key vehicles for policy-making, and choosing not to join one is choosing to give up influence.

Barro himself writes:

Why I Left the Republican Party to become a Democrat

The most important thing we have learned this year is that when the Republican Party was hijacked by a dangerous fascist [Barro’s characterization –pd] who threatens to destroy the institutions that make America great and free, most Republicans up and down the organizational chart stood behind him …

Some did this because they are fools who do not understand why Trump is dangerous.

Some did it because they were naïve

I want to focus on (another) group: Republican politicians who understand exactly how dangerous Donald Trump is but who have chosen to support him anyway for reasons of strategy, careerism, or cowardice.

Cowards and Scoundrels

I am talking, for example, about Sen. Marco Rubio, who in the primary called Trump an “erratic individual” who must not be trusted with nuclear weapons — and then endorsed him for president.

I am talking about Sen. Ted Cruz, who called Trump a “pathological liar” and “utterly amoral” — and then endorsed him for president …

Most of all, I’m talking about House Speaker Paul Ryan, a man whose pained, blue eyes suggest he desperately wants to cry for help. He’s a man who runs around the country pathetically trying to pretend that Trump does not exist and that the key issue is his congressional caucus’ “Better Way” agenda. And he’s a man who, of his own free will, seeks to help Donald Trump become president.

There is more, of course, to Barro’s argument, but his case has been made.

Any Democrats Turning Republican?

Hillary Clinton certainly has her baggage, most notably the “e-mail question” detractors harp on relentlessly. But I have not read anywhere of an instance in which a single Democrat is abandoning ship and clinging to the raggedy raft that Trump has made of the Republican Party.

For those still clinging to Hillary Hate, let it go. Vote your conscience, not your mythology. The Republican Party under Trump is not your GOP.

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