10-12: Buffet Snuffs Trump’s Bluff

[I write about politics because of the direct link I see between the words and actions of politicians and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. America’s political class manipulates our military as though they were pawns in a global game of chess. To them, PTSD is merely an unfortunate cost of war.]

[All cited material below appears in multiple sources.]

Trump Is a Blood-sucking Weasel

No one I know likes to pay taxes. Most people I have ever spoken with about the topic also fear making a mistake so they hire an accountant to “do” their taxes or take their shoe box to H&R Block or a similar firm. Then there is Citizen Trump who says paying $0 in federal income tax for at least 18 years makes him “smart.”

In Sunday night’s debate Donald Trump claimed, with no supporting evidence, that Hillary Clinton’s billionaire friends such as George Soros and Warren Buffet did the same, i.e., they paid no personal federal income tax.

Buffet Debunks Trump’s False Allegations

Buffet says the following to Trump:

My 2015 return shows adjusted gross income of $11,563,931. My deductions totaled $5,477,694, of which allowable charitable deductions were $3,469,179. All but $36,037 of the remainder was for state income taxes.

The total charitable contributions I made during the year were $2,858,057,970, of which more than $2.85 billion were not taken as deductions, and never will be. Tax law properly limits charitable deductions.

My federal income tax for the year was $1,845,557. Returns for previous years are of similar nature in respect to contributions, deductions, and tax rates.

Billion with a “B”

Mark Sumner reports: In a single year, Warren Buffett gave $2.85 billion to charity—and still paid his fair share of taxes.

I no longer want to see Trump’s tax returns. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. His narcissism and, by definition, selfish temperament have revealed enough to disqualify him as a potential leader.

  • He doesn’t like POWs.
  • He doesn’t like Mexicans.
  • He doesn’t like Muslims.
  • He doesn’t like immigrants.
  • He views PTSD as a sign of weakness.
  • He supposedly accepted a Purple Heart from a “man on the street” and said “I always wanted a Purple Heart.”
  • He claimed to a TV reporter that he has made many sacrifices in is life, sacrifices such as “building” things. That, of course, shows no sacrifice … and when this paper titan’s enterprises crumble, he declares bankruptcy and writes them off on his taxes.
  • He speaks crudely about women “in the locker room” and then claims he loves and respects all women.
  • Enough! I don’t care what he likes or doesn’t like.

… and, sadly, I don’t think we have seen the last/worst of this charlatan.


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